Are you a student, job-seeker, counselor, coach, educator, HR professional, or organizational leader? Here are some tools and services we’ve developed that may assist you in your journey.


I am a co-founder and Chief Science Officer for jobZology, a company that serves students, job-seekers, educational institutions, and organizations invested in fostering purposeful work. Our PathwayU product uses state-of-the-art career development science to connect people with work that supports their callings. Check it out at, or get in touch with us at 970-222-7636.


A companion website to our book Make Your Job a Calling, offers book excerpts, Q&A with the authors, and a series of  helpful tools, tips, and self-help exercises.


I recently led an 8-session master class for coaching  professionals through Mentorcoach, delivered virtually via conference call. Recordings of the course are available for purchase through  A few anonymous comments (collected by Mentorcoach) from students who took the course:

“The content of this course was perhaps the most relevant in my coaching work and in my own life as a corporate America employee. It seems that so many of my clients are struggling with work, forging meaning and connection and purpose in that area of life. The information in this class was robust, relevant, and perfectly presented.”

“I’ve got my masters degree and have taken many other courses but this is – by far – the best class I’ve ever had!”

“Dr. Dik is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about issues related to meaning and calling in the workplace. He had great stories and an obvious passion for the subject. At the outset the course seemed somewhat didactic but as we moved forward he wove in more suggestions for how we might incorporate the information provided into our work with clients. Dr. Dik is a very humble man and was very approachable. He has clearly found his calling!”

“Although there was a great deal of content, I never felt overwhelmed with the information because of the way Bryan broke it down and presented it. I’m extremely appreciative of the fact that he took the time to design this course in such a way that I was able to get the most out of the time.”

“Content was very absorbing, inspiring and useful. Bryan worked hard to make it fit for an audience of coaches. I couldn’t have been happier with this class. Great job in all regards!”

“Bryan was one of the best instructors I’ve ever experienced. It is so difficult to take a course with this much material and present it strictly over the phone, and he did it so thoroughly and so masterfully. I would take any course he offers in the future.”