I believe that all of us share a calling to use our gifts in ways that make the world better. A focus of my personal calling is to use psychological research to better understand how people can approach work and life with purpose. In doing so, I hope to help bridge the gap between the science and the people who stand to benefit from it.  Part of that means getting the word out, and part of it means developing tools and resources to help people understand how they are unique, navigate challenges and barriers, and contribute in meaningful, satisfying ways to the common  good. This website summarizes these efforts. Check it out, and join in!


Bryan Dik, Ph.D., is professor of psychology at Colorado State University and also co-founder and Chief Science Officer of jobZology.


Are you a student, job-seeker, counselor, coach, educator, HR professional, or organizational leader? Here are some tools and services we’ve developed that may assist you in your journey.


“Full of practical insights and actionable research findings, Make Your Job a Calling: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Change Your Life at Work guides readers – in all kinds of jobs – through a thoughtful and research-based path to transform their relationship with work. Dik and Duffy have powerfully captured the dynamics of meaning … Continue reading Books


I frequently speak on topics related to calling, meaningful work, evidence-based career counseling and coaching, fit-based hiring and employee development, and the intersection of faith and work.  I have delivered keynotes and facilitated workshops at conferences, on college campuses, and for business groups, including internationally. To inquire about my availability for speaking at your event, please visit my … Continue reading Speaking


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